Performing in the ASF Repertory

Speakers: Jennifer Barnhart, Ian Bedford, Kurt Rhoads, Cheri Lynne Vandenheuvel, Equity Actors in the repertory season

The four actors discuss their leading roles in the 2013 ASF repertory season, the challenges and joys of repertory acting, and aspects of their careers.

Ritual Rebellion in Twelfth Night

Speaker: Prof. Emeritus Craig Sheldon, AUM

Sheldon considers the anthropological idea of ritual rebellion as it illuminates the action of Shakespeare’s last romantic comedy.

To Kill a Mockingbird—1935, 1960, 2013

Speakers: Prof. Emeritus Wayne Flynt, Auburn University and Prof. Nancy Anderson, AUM

Flynt and Anderson look at historical and literary aspects of the novel and its issues as well as their own lifetimes of experience with the work and its impact.

Macbeth: The Serious Work of Playing Roles

Prof. Sharon O’Dair, The University of Alabama

O’Dair brings several contemporary literary approaches to bear on Shakespeare’s great tragedy.

Creating Home: Mark Twain and the American Landscape Imagination

Prof. Jeff Melton, The University of Alabama

A discussion of how Twain’s words and experience helped shape the way we see America.